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The hallmark of a successful direct marketing program is positioning the “proper” offer in front of your audience at the” proper” time. With the growing popularity of multi-channel marketing campaigns and mail delivery times being less than predictable, proper timing can be tricky. ProList is empowering marketers by providing FREE mail tracking.

Mail tracking is achieved by including a code in the barcode of a direct mail piece which generates a record when the piece is processed for delivery at the post office. When you use ProList to process your data and produce a direct mail campaign, mail tracking is provided for FREE. Every 10th record will be flagged for tracking. With our web enabled interface you will be provided with a login and password so you can monitor the delivery of your mailing in real time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will enable you to know when mailing is being delivered in which regions of the country and anticipate responses.

An option for tracking 100% of the records in a mailing is also offered, a small fee is associated with this service. This service is used when it is critical to know record by record when mail is being delivered such as triggering email or phone follow ups. Another application for 100% tracking is participation in the USPS Address Correction Services program.

Reporting & Lookup Capabilities

  • View Results by Targeted Delivery Date Range.
  • View scan results by: Postal Region, SCF, District, State, Zip or IMB.
  • View Forwarded Mail.
  • View Returned Mail.
  • View ACS Data.
  • View By Map.
  • Mailpiece-lookup by IMB, destination address or recipient name.
  • Exception-based Reports (late or missing scans, etc.).
  • Reports can be viewed online.
  • Reports can be saved.

ProList clients never have to wonder “has my mail delivered yet?” – they know!