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ProList was born of innovation in 1989 as the Postal Service was beginning to recognize and reward the importance of automated mail in their future. ProList was among the first companies in the nation to provide a practical means of printing the barcodes required to obtain these new discounts. This innovation brought barcoding, with all of its cost savings and speed, to the general mailing public.

From this beginning, ProList has grown into a major player in the Washington DC metropolitan area mailing industry, adding a full mail shop in 1993, web services in the late 1990?s along with web-based data management. In 2000 ProList launched Trackmymail.com, an award winning web service eventually spun off and sold to Pitney Bowes.

Today, ProList is a fully integrated marketing services provider, using our spirit of innovation to deliver cutting edge solutions for all of the new challenges that face today's direct marketers. From Intelligent Mail to integrated email marketing and digital fulfillment, ProList continues to make history as the model for a modern direct marketing company.

We are always looking for a better, smarter solution. We never stop thinking about your direct marketing.

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