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One-Day Turnaround Helps Civil Rights Organization Mobilize Followers

Safeguarding the rights of your constituents requires relentless vigilance, the ability to react instantaneously and zero mistakes—especially from your direct mail services vendor.

The lobbying arm of a leading civil rights association has historically faced major challenges to the constitutionally protected freedoms of its members. To stay connected with the 25 million-plus people across the country aligned with its mission, the organization needed capabilities just short of sorcery to target individuals by voting, congressional or other politically framed regions and communities. Just as importantly, it needed a system that could facilitate lightning-fast production and delivery of direct mail pieces to these names to immediately galvanize support in the face of potential conflicts anywhere in the country.

After diagnosing the association’s unique needs, we implemented ProTarget—a web-based interface that incorporates geo-targeted data, advanced digital printing and expedited delivery services to send out direct mail in a single day.

ProTarget allowed our client to easily identify key records and pull selects against a wide variety of location and behavioral data, including radius, zip code and voter registration criteria--even ferreting out people who last voted two presidential elections ago. In addition, the systems enabled association staff to conveniently select a mailing design template, craft a message and have the piece printed and released for delivery--all on the same day. With arrival in homes the next day around the country.

This jaw-dropping speed is critical because when the association forecasts a developing situation where rights are endangered, not a single day can be sacrificed to ensure that followers are fully and immediately aware of the fight at hand. More often than not, these fights are won by those alerted and ready to take action first.

Such quick reaction is laudable—but worthless if precision execution isn't part of the mailing program too. Well, it's safe to say we've demonstrated that speed and quality can co-exist comfortably. Proof? Recently in one month, we completed nearly 100 projects with this client without making a single error.

It’s this level of stewardship and service that has fostered a nearly 20-year long relationship between one of the country’s largest civil rights groups and ProList. And with our help, this organization will continue to ensure that its followers’ voices will be heard loudly, clearly and immediately.

We believe that everyone has certain inalienable rights--most important of all, the right to high performance direct mail.