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Founded in 1989, ProList is one of the premier mail and marketing services companies in the region. Our mission is to help our customers reach their customers though a variety of direct media, from direct mail to email to broadcast FAX. We were born a data company and we still tie all of our other services together though masterful management of clients data. Innovative, well managed and customer focused, ProList is the model of marketing services companies of the twenty first century.

Data Processing

At ProList, we started out as a data processing service. It's always been our first love. Our expertise in data processing continues to be one of our distinguishing features. Back in 1989, when barcodes first came on the scene, ProList was among the first in the nation to develop a method for putting barcodes on Cheshire labels, bringing the advantages of automated mailing to many who had not had a means of doing it before. We have remained at the cutting edge through innovative merge/purge routines unlike any other, highly customized personalization, web based data management and more.

Modern Services

Classic Service
While computers have changed the face of mailing in terms of lists, list management, laser printing and other imaging technologies, correct assembly of the mail piece is still an essential final step in the process. At ProList we take advantage of the latest in mailing technology and, more importantly, we provide exceptional customer service:

  • Constant quality checks
  • Precise scheduling that assures every job gets out on-time
  • The best customer service representatives in the industry to keep you informed every step of the way
Quality Processing
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Good Communication

At ProList we deliver on all of these! While technology is certainly a big part of our business, good solid management and organization makes the mail shop work best for you. We do things on-time, we do them right, and we keep them under control. Whether you're mailing a thousand pieces, or a hundred thousand, you can count on us to give you the same quality service. You've got enough to think about without worrying about whether we're doing our job right!

Quality Control

We have a variety of processes in place to assure that your mailing goes out exactly as you ordered it, that it meets postal regulations, and that it looks good.

Each production step is signed off by the department supervior, as well as our mailing manager. Samples are then taken to your customer service representatuve for approval. At this point, if you wish, we can fax a copy to you for approval, or go forward with the CSR's approval. Most of our clients have found that the high standards set by our managers and customer service representatives far exceed their requirements. Samples continue to be pulled during the production process to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the job. Any postal issues will be brought to our on-site post office to clear up any questions.

Most importantly, quality is an attitude at ProList. You can see it in the shop...our standards are high, and it is reflected in the work of every ProList employee. Not only do we provide quality products and services that are among the finest in our field, but we also provide an exceptional level of service to our customers. We pride ourselves in our honesty, integrity, and innovation. Contact us to see what we can do for you.