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PRONEWS February 2016 
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Emailing for Mailers...
The most reliable way we know to boost response rates

The Postal Service has rolled out a variety of incentive programs to encourage mailers to integrate new marketing channels into their direct mail efforts. Virtually all of them have two things in common: 1) They require mailers to link their mail to a useful web or, better still, mobile site, and 2) The discounts are not enough to pay for the technology. Still, the biggest smartest mailers in the country will be participating in these promotions not because they can save some postage, but because this is how marketing works. 

At ProList we have been working with a variety of clients developing multi-channel campaigns, both directly and through our multi-channel partner, SnailWorks. One thing we have seen time and again is that a coordinated email always brings a spike to response. Every time. We can think of no surer way to boost response. And believe me, we try. We never stop thinking about your direct marketing.

We know, we know you already DO email marketing. You've got a whole department.  And by all means, keep that up. But this is a different email, designed specifically to coordinate with your direct mail, specifically designed to boost response. Here are some of the characteristics we have seen on our most effective coordinated emails:

  • Look and feel matches the direct mail.  The objective is to get prospects to respond to the direct mail offer make it clear that this is part of the same campaign. Makes design less expensive, too. Pick up the art from the mailer;
  • Design is responsive.  There is no doubt that more and more email is viewed on mobile devices. Your email should render correctly on a variety of platforms, from a smart phone to a tablet, to a desktop; 
  • Uses personalization.  Personalization that works on direct mail works just as well on the email that accompanies it.  Remember, this is a personal communication to your prospect don't make it feel like an ad. On email, you can personalize images, too;
    • If you can do it on a letter, you can do it in an email. Personalize ask strings and links in your email;
  • Links lead to a prepopulated landing page.  This one makes us nuts. You know to whom you're sending your email to. You know their name and probably how much they spent or donated last year.  Use that information to personalize their landing page, too. Don't make them type any more than they need to.
  • Arrives within a day or two of the direct mail.  These are not blasts they are carefully timed triggered emails. Coordinated emails need to be triggered by the delivery of the direct mail. Guessing does not work as well. Direct marketers guess at very little. Don't do it on your coordinated email.

This kind of email marketing is not the same as your general email marketing. This is oriented to the postal mail. Most email service providers like to send all emails at once in a "blast." Triggering bits of email as its associated direct mail is delivered is a pain. Not for us it's what we do every day. Literally.   

At ProList we can help you design and deploy your coordinated email. Let the email folks keep on doing what they do this is all about making direct mail better. 

Contact us to learn more, and to set up a test to see how it works for you. 

You can also learn more at our webinar on February 18. Keep reading to see more about that.

Thinking Out Loud - Email from a Mailer's Perspective
If you like the newsletter, you'll LOVE the talk...

You're using email as part of your marketing today, and you're using postal mail. You need to have them work together. In our latest Thinking Out Loud webinar on Thursday, February 18, at 12:30, we'll walk through the steps you need to follow to add email. Whether you are an email marketing pro, or you make your living stuffing envelopes, you will find this webinar full of essential information. Among the topics we'll cover:

  • Email marketing basics:
    • Styles of email HTML and Text;
    • Sending emails Blast versus triggering;
  • Email Service providers:
    • Why you need an ESP;
    • Self-service providers;
    • Full-service providers;
  • Putting together a successful email:
    • Design considerations;
      • Digital assets;
      • Templates;
      • Text vs. images
    • Personalization:
      • Unique images;
      • Text personalization ask strings, names;
    • Responsive design:
      • Planning for a variety of devices;
  • Making email part of a campaign:
    • Coordinating with mail;
    • Links landing pages and social;
    • Offers and calls to action;
    • Response rates what you might expect.

Whew! If that's not 100 mile an hour talking for 30 minutes, we don't know what is!  This is a lunch and learn you eat lunch while we try not to talk with our mouth full.  It's free, and you make delicious lunches what's not to like.

Dave Lewis, our Vice President of Marketing, and an acclaimed speaker on all things direct marketing will be doing the presentation.  It's Thursday, February 18, at 12:30. 

Click HERE to register. It's FREE!



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