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November 2015
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Letters?  That is So 1990's…
The Postal Service looks to the future – and sees a box.

Want to get a sense of where the Postal Service is headed? Take a look at their 2014 Annual Report and just look at the pictures, like we do here at ProNews.  You'll see lots of happy customers, employees, stuffed suits, and…packages. Lots and lots of packages. What you won't see is any direct mail. Only in one picture will you see a customer leafing through a small stack of letters – while her carrier strolls off with a big stack of Priority Mail packages. Clearly, this is where the Postal Service sees their future – as letter and flats volume declines, their parcel business, driven by e-commerce thrives. This may be good or bad news for direct mailers.

On the plus side, this makes for a more robust Postal Service. USPS has pretty much stopped its reduction in force and is actually growing a little bit. A healthy USPS is a good thing for our industry, and may allow us to avoid pleasantries such as exigent rate cases. Parcels are a profitable business for them. 

The downside may be a reduced importance for service standards on direct mail products as the Postal Service begins to view themselves as more of a parcel delivery service. We have seen a relaxation of service standards for First-Class Mail in the past months, and inconsistent delivery for other classes. We just have to hope that revenue gained from parcel service will take off some pressure for further reductions in facilities and capabilities. 

How Do You Send Your Mail?
More than 50% commingle today

As we have said before, the way mail gets mailed has changed a lot in the last few years. Long gone are the days where we sort your mail and drop it off at the local post office. We were just reviewing our latest mailing statistics, and we found that more than 51% of the mail we process now goes to a commingler or another alternative mailing system. The reasons are simple: lower postage and more consistent nationwide delivery. The other side of the statistic is that nearly 48% of the mail we process doesn't commingle. In many cases these clients are leaving postage money on the table. How do you send your mail? 

If you aren't commingling your mail yet, give us a call so we can do a free postage analysis for you. We will review all of your mailing practices to make sure you are doing everything possible to optimize your postage spend, from reviewing piece design and address quality to considering commingling and drop shipping. It's free, and we'll either find you ways to reduce your postage, or give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing exactly the right things with your mail processing. Whether you mail with ProList or don't (huh?!) we'll be happy to perform this valuable analysis. Just contact your Customer Service Representative or sales rep and they'll get you started, or click here to contact us.


Thinking Out Loud Strikes Again December 3!
Join us for The Ins and Outs Lettershop Material Handling

ProList's award-deserving webinar series, Thinking Out Loud, returns with its latest edition,"The Ins and Outs of Lettershop Material Handling", on December 3, 2015, at 12:30 p.m. It's in our "Lunch and Learn" format, so cook up a steaming pot of Sloppy Joe's for the whole team, fire up the old cathode ray tube, and join us for this important session.  It's thirty minutes of material management madness!

We know, we know…it sounds a little dry, but if your job counts on accurate processing of direct mail you need to understand this critical topic. Like always we keep it short and concise – no more than 30 minutes – and filled with valuable information.

Sounds straightforward, right? Your materials arrive at your lettershop, they're logged into an inventory system and then you request the shop to access them periodically for various mailing projects. Now add in material handling  . . .  how that material gets accessed and used (especially for ongoing projects), items that are used for a variety of different projects, and stocking items that are constantly adjusted with the receipt of additional inventory – what could go wrong? We'll help you never find out.

In this content-packed 30 minutes we'll talk about:

  • Receiving;
  • Inventory coding and entry;
  • Use and fulfillment of materials (what really happens to your stock?);
  • Overages and spoilage;
  • Material handling after the job;
  • Other material considerations:
    • Setting expectations;
    • Economies of scale;
    • Re-order levels;
    • Oh no! What's Plan B?

We promise you will finish this webinar with a clearer understanding of how you valuable materials are handled, and how to avoid troubles in advance.  This is a great session for production coordinators and professionals.

So pull up a chair and join us for lunch on Thursday, December 3, 2015, at 12:30 p.m. for Thinking Out Loud.  You bring the lunch, we bring the learn!

Click HERE to register. It's FREE!


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