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PRONEWS October  15, 2015
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Exigency Forever?
Congress may offer USPS a path out.

The Postal Service really, really, really hates to lower its rates. Try as they might, the PRC has failed to get the Postal Service to end the exigent "surcharge" and knock that extra 4.3% off the rates. Invariably, the Postal Service takes it to court, argues that someone forgot to carry the seven in their calculations, and the exigent surcharge lives on. For the record, the USPS has never acknowledged that exigent rates are a surcharge - it's just higher rates to them. The United States Postal Service has not, does not, and will not lower its rates. We admire the optimistic spirit of those who say they will.

The latest extension of the surcharge is supposed to run out in the spring of 2016, whereupon the Postal Service will have no choice but to lower their rates. But wait! Congress has a plan iPOST:  Improving Postal Operations, Service & Transparency Act of 2015.  This is a plan developed by Senator Tom Carper of Delaware, who is a very influential senator when it comes to postal matters. Plus, the name of the plan starts with a lower case "i", so it has to be good. 

The key provisions of iPOST:

  • Eliminates all of those pesky outstanding payments to prefund retirement accounts until the all current members of congress have died of old age and it's not their problem anymore, including forgiving past payments not made;
  • Creates a new Postal Service Health Benefits Program (PSHBP), theoretically reducing costs and protecting taxpayers and postal retirees;
  • Makes the exigent surcharge permanent, and freezes rates at their current exigent-y level until January 1, 2018, after which rates will be controlled by a dreamy new rate system to be designed by the Postal Regulatory Commission;
  • Pauses the closing of any postal processing plants for 2 years, and post offices for 5 years;
  • Allows the Postal Service to ship beer, wine, and booze, and install "Wheel of Fortune" slot machines in the lobby of all postal facilities. OK, that last bit may not be correct well, the slot machines at least. The beer, wine, and booze are for real, along with other new "non-postal products and services." They may include offering state and local government services. Maybe you can get married by a window clerk;
  • Increases transparency of Postal Service delivery results through a monstrous new bureaucracy that is "user friendly." 

You can read a less sarcastic summary of the Act here.

Now remember, this is just a proposal from a Democratic Delaware senator. Will it pass as proposed? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Probably not. However, certain provisions may - in some kind of emergency legislation that lets the Postal Service keep their exigent rates because they, as mentioned before, really, really, really, really hate to lower their rates. They will probably agree to not close so many facilities in return.  Oh, and the beer thing. That will probably make it through too. C'mon it's beer.

Our prediction: Don't spend that postage reduction money just yet.  The Postal Service now has a path to avoid a rate reduction they'll find a way to follow it.

Thinking Out Loud Webinar Series
Full-Service Intelligent Mail - Wednesday, October 28 at 12:30 p.m.

While you were going about your day-to-day business for the last couple of years, the mailing industry was turned upside down with a new requirement to adopt Full-Service Intelligent Mail.  Many continue to struggle, while we are pleased that we have made the transition here at ProList. What is Full-Service, and what does it mean to you? We're glad you asked! 

In our next Thinking Out Loud webinar, on Wednesday, October 28, at 12:30, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dave Lewis, will tell you all you need to know about Full-Service Intelligent Mail and why you need to know it! Grab a sandwich, hook up your modem, and join us it's FREE!

 Here's what we'll cover:

  • What Full-Service is, and how it works;
  • Why Full-Service is important to the Postal Service;
  • Benefits of Full-Service and how you should take advantage of them:
    • Postage discounts;
    • Mail Anywhere program;
    • ACS services;
    • Mail Tracking;
  • What's next, using Full-Service:
    • Seamless acceptance;
    • Real Mail Notifications;
  • Why you need to care about Full-Service
This is the nuts and bolts of how mail is prepared if you count on the mail for your success, this is stuff you really need to know. As with all of our Thinking Out Loud webinars, our pledge to you is: 
  • We'll make it interesting and relevant;
  • We'll keep it to 30 minutes;
  • You'll get to have a sandwich (if you bring one)

It doesn't get much better than that!  So join us at 12:30 on Wednesday, October 28!  You bring the chow, we'll bring the know-how!

Click here to sign up today! 


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