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PRONEWS October  15, 2015
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Do We Have to Draw a Map?
.....because we can do that - personalized!

We do all kinds of surprising things at ProList, not the least of which is providing advanced services to others in our industry.One of these services that may hold interest to you is our variable mapping services. ProList is one of the most sophisticated providers of variable mapping services in the country and we can bring all that map making prowess to bear for your marketing efforts.

The applications for maps are varied and powerful. Of course retail establishments can provide a map of their nearest locations, as well as directions from the prospect's home to the store. Medical facilities have seen the same applications. Is your nonprofit hosting events at multiple locations?  Give your donors a map to the event.


We have also seen proximity maps accompanying sweepstakes mailings showing the prospects home and nearby winners.  Home improvement providers can offer the same showing nearby neighbors who have used a contractor's services.
ProList's service begins with a highly accurate geolocation service that determines the precise coordinates of every address in a mailing.  From there we can produce a variety of map styles static, variable, black and white, color with directions, logos you name it. And of course we can include variable maps on web sites and landing pages.

If location matters in your direct mail efforts, consider adding a map. It's a proven response builder!  Contact your account executive or project manager for details!

Commingling and Drop Shipping - Reducing Postage
Next Thinking Out Loud webinar set for September 24 

The way we mail things has changed. Long gone are the days when we take a mailing to the post office, turn in our Form-3602, and wait for the clerk to round stamp it and hand it back. Today a significant amount of the mail we process is handed off to presort bureaus and logistics companies for further processing. They may commingle your mail with the mail from other mailing services, truck some of it directly to a destination postal facility, or combine trays from different mailings together on pallets.  

 Why do all of this? It can result in significant postage discounts, and enhance the deliverability of your mail. Depending on how many pieces you mail, the types of pieces, and the distribution of that mail, the best option for your mail may be different than another mailer. It can all get complicated, but join us for our next Thinking Out Loud webinar on September 24, Commingling and Drop Shipping, and we'll make it a little simpler.

 Here's what you'll learn about:

  • Mailing Options Pros and Cons:
    • Direct submission to Post Office;
    • Commingling;
    • Co-palletization;
    • Drop shipping ;
  • What works best for:
    • Various mailing quantities;
    • Flats vs Letters;
    • Local mail;
    • Different classes of mail;
  • Delivery times the flow of work
    • Commingling;
    • Co-Pal;
    • Drop shipping;
  • Special cases:
    • CAPS accounts;
    • Metered and stamped mail
  • Choosing the best option;
    • Decision tree how to choose the best method;
    • Confirming mailing mail tracking tricks.

This is essential information for anyone who depends on mail for their business.  It will be presented by Sylvia Taylor, ProList's Direct of Client Relations, and a seasoned mailing professional. Count on an interesting and relevant presentation.

This newest Thinking Out Loud webinar will be in our Lunch and Learn format at 12:30 You bring the lunch, we bring the learn.  We'll keep the presentation to 30 minutes calorie counts on your end are your problem!

Click here to sign up today! 


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