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PRONEWS October  15, 2015
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Hooray! The Exigency is Over!
(Insert sarcastic sub-head here)

In a fit of - to coin an Alan Greenspan term – irrational exuberance, the mailing industry danced a celebratory jig when the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) issued Order No. 2623, authorizing the US Postal Service to collect an additional $1.191 billion in contribution as an exigent rate adjustment. And not a penny more!  That should take until sometime in the spring of 2016, and then the USPS will slash rates across the board by 4.3%, and the Mail of the Just will flow again! 


Well, the Postal Service, despite encouragement from industry groups, has not yet exactly issued a statement to that effect. We at ProNews remain skeptical about the Postal Service actually lowering postage rates – it's just not in their DNA. There is an increase that generally occurs in January tied to the CPI, which we expect will be about 1.5%.  We could certainly see USPS forgoing that increase, which still leaves about 3% of exigency in the rates.  They certainly should lower the rates by that additional amount, but the Postal Service has been to this cliff before and managed not to jump. We can see the case being made that a sudden cut in price would be "disruptive" to cash flow and operations…maybe they'll suggest three years of no rate increases as a compromise. We just have a hard time seeing the USPS cut the cost of forever. 

For the record, ours is the minority opinion on this issue – most of the industry accepts a cut in rates in the spring as a done deal. We just advise a healthy touch of skepticism until the Postal Service officially signs on. Stay tuned!    

Mail Tracking for the Smarter-Than-Average
Next Thinking Out Loud webinar set for August 27 

If you're a ProList client you're getting your mail tracked. It's just something we do, because we think you should know when the mail is actually in homes. There are countless benefits to knowing what is happening with delivery: You can plan for response, coordinate other efforts, identify and fix problems – the list goes on and on. If ProList processes your mail you get it for free(If ProList doesn't process you mail, we need to talk.) 

In the next webinar in our Thinking Out Loud series we will give you a power user's tour of mail tracking. We'll dig deep into the reporting features so you can make sure you are getting the most from this service. In these days of Postal Service changes and alternative logistics, this is more important than ever.

Karen Bartram, ProList's Director of Client Relations and mail tracker extraordinaire, will conduct this in-depth view of the SnailWorks tracking system. Included in this tour:

  • The Basics
  • Dealing with irregularities
  • Sharing with your customers
  • Advanced services

Sharing tracking with your customers allows you to provide a new level of service. Spend 30 minutes with Karen and learn how you can leverage the value in the mail tracking you get.

This Thinking Out Loud webinar is in our new lunch and learn format – you provide the lunch, we provide the learn. Gather your team together for lunch and our webinar starts at 12:30. ProList webinars are a proven digestive aid! 

So click here to secure your spot at our FREE webinar on Thursday, August 27 at 12:30 p.m.!  

YourMail is In!
ProList adds a new delivery notice

OK, tracking your mail for free is not enough if you don't see the tracking, so ProList is now launching a new notice we call YourMail notifications. After we deposit a mailing, we begin tracking it immediately. Of course there's not much to see for the first couple of days – it's just getting into the system.  Now, with YourMail we'll automatically send you a notice when 50% of your mail has been delivered. The notice itself has very basic information about the job, but will also contain a link to the full reporting. It's a great way to keep an eye on a mailing, as well as reaching out to your customers to let them know so they have a better understanding mail delivery time frames.

So keep an eye open for YourMail!

The fine print: If you are using another mail tracking service, we can't provide these notices. We are only providing tracking services for letters and flats, not parcels. We are excluding some daily mailings from notices, and all clients can opt out of these notices if they choose to.     


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