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PRONEWS October  15, 2015
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Try Something Un-Maily With Your Next Mailing
IP Targeting Comes to ProList!

We are regularly asked if we have seen any innovative packages come through our mailing facility, and we see a lot of them, but we are more impressed with innovative approaches to marketing. We get it that a fake padded envelope, or an air mail border may boost response, but we are more excited about new technologies that may define the future of direct marketing. IP targeting is one of those technologies. It's innovative, new, effective, and available from ProList.

We have been touting the benefits of coordinating email with direct mail for years now.  Our clients who do this regularly see a significant lift in response rates when the reinforcing email arrives. Part of the reason for this lift is Brand Resonance – your prospect sees multiple impressions of your brand, your appeal, your offer, and the brand image resonates with them. Now, with IP targeting you have another opportunity to make an impression on your prospects. Literally.

Here's how it works:  You provide us with your mailing list as always, along with some web display ads (or videos).  We match your address file against a proprietary file of IP addresses by street address.  Typically we can match about 50% of the addresses.  You mail your mail as always, and we serve up your web advertising to your prospects to coordinate with it.  Typically, experts in the industry suggest serving up a minimum of 20 impressions to each IP address. 

The results can be dramatic, and matching up about 50% of your addresses makes for a perfect A/B test.  This kind of matching manages to bypass the spam filters that inhibit email marketing these days, without feeling invasive.  The ads will appear on a variety of common web sites that your prospect may visit while online. 

 A few things to think about:

  • You will need a landing page for your prospect to link to. We can help you with that;
  • You will match about 50%, but it could be much more or less, depending on your list;
  • This works better for B-to-C marketing – B-to-B is tougher;
  • This is not inexpensive – it is generally much less expensive than direct mail, but a lot more expensive than email;
  • ProList can do this for you!

Interested in testing?  This is a very low effort way to boost response, and the easiest way to execute it is with ProList. Contact Dave Lewis at ProList (dlewis@prolist.com 301-924-4545 x1006) to learn more and set up your first project or test.

Self-Mailers - The Hows, Whats, and How Manys
Join us at lunchtime for Eating and Tabbing with Dave! 

ProList's Thinking Out Loud webinar series becomes a Lunch and Learn with our latest installment on self-mailer design. We're moving our acclaimed series to the lunch hour – well, technically, the second half of it – so you can fit us into your workday more easily. Grab a sandwich or a salad, pull up a chair, and we'll help your food digest with valuable postal information. This month's topic: Self-Mailers – USPS Tricks, Traps, and Tabs. Join us on July 30 at 12:30 P.M.

It just shouldn't be that hard to put an address on a flyer and put it in the mail, but dag nab it, it is. From address placement to perforations to 101 ways to affix a tab, we'll cover it all in this webinar. A lot of things that make a lot of sense don't make it into the DMM – we'll help you keep your mail safe. 

 On the agenda, we'll cover:

  • Flats vs. Letters – what size can I make it?
  • Fletters – is there really such a thing?!  Why do I need to care?
  • Booklets vs. folded self-mailers. A stitch in spine makes…
  • Address positioning.  What is the "top" and why it matters.
  • Tabbing - how big, how many, where they go and "Whoa!  You can't tab that!"
  • Customized Marketing Mail – can you really mail a piece shaped like a toilet?  Do you really want to?

These aren't new rules, but they are complicated. This is a perfect primer for anyone who uses self-mailers as part of their mailing programs.

So click here to secure your spot at our FREE webinar on Thursday,
July 30 at 12:30 p.m.!


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